Thursday 9 February 2012

Axl Rose

I apologise for the recent lack of updates to the site. In the last few months, my position as one of the top 17 blogs about celebrity baldness gave me delusions of messianic grandeur, and I became a recluse with mental problems. Coincidentally, my latest post is about W.Axl Rose, the lead singer of Guns N' Roses.

A shampoo commercial would probably describe Axl Rose's old hair as strawberry blonde, super fine and flyaway, although a cynic would probably call it thin and ginger.

After the release of The Spaghetti Incident? in 1993 he withdrew from the public and became something of a hermit.

This mugshot is from 1998 when he was arrested for threatening an airport security guard. His hair looks alright to me here, maybe a little thin but nothing unusual for a man that age.

The early 2000s saw a few sporadic returns to the limelight, and a world tour was planned for the year 2001. This was cancelled, with some rumours suggesting this was due to a botched hair transplant Rose had undergone.

Whatever the true reason, when he reappeared the next year he seemed to have modelled his entire look on the fictional Predator monster, perhaps signalling the peak of his mental decline.

His bloated, shiny appearance was indicative of plastic surgery. Fan forums have speculated that the bizarre cornrows he sported were an attempt to cover his baldness, or the botched hair transplant.

To the relief of his many fans he is looking more normal these days, although for the past few years he has been a constant hat and bandana wearer, even on stage, which is suspicious.

Recently though, he has finally been pictured without a hat and at first glance appears to have a completely normal head of hair - albeit one with a completely different texture to that which he used to have.

I have just realised that he turned fifty a few days ago, so let's consider this a birthday tribute to the man and his unusual, probably transplanted, hair.

Norwood Rating : 2