Thursday, 29 April 2010

Josef Fritzl

Not exactly a celebrity, this is the infamous Austrian weirdo who kept his daughter imprisoned for 24 years.

A paedophilic incestuous rapist, it seems 74 year old Mr. Fritzl was affected by male pattern baldness.

Jibes from his sister in law prompted 'das inzest monster' to get a hair transplant a few years back.
“Josef would be spiteful about my weight, but I would say, ‘better to be chubby than bald’. He is so vain that he went to Vienna for a hair transplant.”

The results are a strong but 'pluggy' hairline, with a massive bald patch at the back, much like American Vice President Joe Biden.

Norwood Rating : 4

David Cameron

With the British general election looming, my attention has turned to 43 year old leader of the Conservative party David Cameron. For a long time I have been unsure as to whether he has a large forehead due to baldness or whether he simply has a disproportionately small face. I have come to the conclusion that it is a bit of both.

The ever despicable Daily Mail ran a story on his apparent bald patch a couple of years ago.

The Trichological Clinic Limited recently donated £10,000 to the Conservative party. Some have speculated that Cameron is receiving treatment from said clinic, which would come as no surprise given the increasingly image driven election campaign.

The Conservative posters have come in for some criticism for being overly airbrushed.

An often quoted fact is that no bald Prime Minister has been elected since the television age began, and I think it's a similar story in the USA. Cameron has a long way to go before he's completely bald, and he has more hair than Tony Blair did when he came to power in 1997.

For more information have a look at his official website at

Norwood Rating : 2

Monday, 19 April 2010

Charlie Sheen

Back in April, a pyjama clad Charlie Sheen took a trip to the dentist, and with a tip of the hat showed off his newly buzzed hair to a waiting TMZ photographer.

Often a drastic haircut such as this can signal a desire for a fresh start, or in some cases may be a cry for help. There was speculation that it was done to avoid a drugs test. Of course there is always the possibility that he simply wanted to have shorter hair.

His hair has always looked a bit unnatural but I couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong with it.

In the mugshot taken when he was arrested for assaulting his wife it looks very odd.

A user called slats7 on the Hairsite forum found this interesting picture from 7 years ago that shows him with a slicked back style.

As the various photos show, he has some temple recession, but a strong frontal 'island' or forelock. This high resolution image (smaller version below) shows no signs of lace around the hairline but a suspicious amount of density coming from the top.

I believe therefore that he may wear some sort of partial hairpiece that sits behind his forelock and has the 'bangs' cover his temples.

Norwood Rating : 2-3

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Gary Numan

Bizarre godfather of synthpop Gary Numan started losing his hair quite young and talks about it candidly in his autobiography, Praying to the Aliens.

He had 2 hair transplants in the early 80s which he describes in fairly graphic detail. The hats he wore as part of his image around this time helped mask this. The surgeries didn't go particularly well and he claims to have had another procedure in 1993.

But there is no way that he got his current density from hair transplants, and what you're seeing now is surely a hair 'system'. This still from 1993 shows his old hairstyle, which is an unusual looking mixture of 'plugs', dye and judicious styling.

I suspect the transplant from 1993 was in truth a trip to one of those hair replacement centres that deal in wigs. This image from a year later shows the results of this and he has stuck with it ever since.

I have wondered why he appears to be so open about transplants but not the hair piece. Part of the reason may be that transplants are an expensive sounding, futuristic solution while there is still some stigma around wearing a toupee.

Numan seems quite happy with his hair these days, but if I were him I'd look at somewhere like or for any future hair pieces. Their wigs are quite undetectable and the forums are full of useful advice for hair 'wearers' (and no I am not affiliated with either site in any way!)

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