Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Ashley Cole

Probably one of the most hated footballers in England, Cole has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently.

Sadly for him, his receding hairline is getting worse as he approaches his 30s.

However it is hard to feel sorry for a man who regularly cheats on his wife, commits disgraceful fouls on the football pitch and who was 'incensed' and 'trembled with anger' when offered a weekly wage of £55,000.

At least he can count on his friendship with fellow scumbag John Terry to help see him through these tough times.

Norwood Rating : 2

Friday, 12 February 2010

Gianfranco Zola

The diminutive West Ham boss has blamed his hair loss on the stress of football management.

While stress can cause telogen effluvium or alopecia areata, Zola's balding type appears to indicate androgenic alopecia, otherwise known as male pattern baldness. This occurs mostly due to genetics rather than stress.

A far cry from the days when he appeared as a fresh faced youth in Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" video.

Norwood Rating : 4a

Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels is the lead singer of hair metal band Poison, he has also done some film and tv stuff.

Even back in the day, he was known for his assortment of bandanas. Apparently he even wore one for the duration of his sex tape with Pamela Anderson. I of course don't know anything about that.

He has claimed he uses hair extensions, but it looks more like a full blown hairpiece to me. This facebook page and the website http://bretswig.com/ seem to agree.

I find it interesting that he can admit to wearing extensions but not to suffering hair loss and wig wearing. This is still a taboo subject to many people.

Below is a photo of him without headgear, a still from the movie A Letter From Death Row. It would be easy for him to claim that he shaved his head for the role, so this is far from conclusive proof as to what lies beneath the bandana.

Norwood Rating : unknown, but based on his age (46) I'd guess a 4-5

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Christopher Lee

I have to admit this one shocked me a little bit. Having grown up watching his films, for some reason I had never considered that what I was seeing was not his real hair.

Then I remembered him in The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes where he appeared quite bald looking.

In hindsight it is obvious he has been a wig wearer for much of his career.

My childhood memories have been shattered.

Norwood Rating : probably a 7 by now

Mark Clattenburg

This Premier League referee used to have a sizeable bald patch.

I first thought he'd had something done to fix this when he was suspended from refereeing for 8 months back in 2008, but further research shows it was during the break at the end of the 2007-2008 season.

I'm not totally sure whether it's a transplant or hairpiece, whatever it is it appears to hold it's own in all weather conditions.

As pointed out by whoateallthepies.tv, the former overweight balding geordie is now able to incorporate a 'fashion tuft' into his hairstyle.

With a history of dubious refereeing decisions behind him, I wonder how he paid for this new look?

Norwood Rating : 3v

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Art Garfunkel

This talented singer was well known for his massive ginger afro. In this early pre-afro shot you can clearly see he is suffering some hair loss already.

This raises an interesting question. Why would anyone, when choosing a hairpiece, choose a fuzzy ginger one?

Only Garfunkel himself can answer that.

In recent years, he has ditched the ginger clown wig and can be seen with a much more natural look.

Norwood Rating : 6

The Edge

Another member of U2 who has had problems with hair loss, seen below in his younger days, second from right.

He started losing hair at quite a young age.

For many years he hid the hair loss under a variety of hats, while still appearing to keep his hair long underneath.

Some time in the 90s he eventually cut his hair short, but the hats remained. Here he is with the rest of U2 in 1997.

Seen here without his trademark hat, the very straight hairline pattern at the top seems to show signs of a transplant. It is possible that he was unhappy with the results and became a hat wearer to hide scarring rather than the hair loss itself.

He seems to have embraced his balding now that he is older. But his years of being a virtual 'hat prisoner' show that balding is a very serious matter to some men and it can significantly affect their lifestyle.

So think carefully next time you insult a bald man. One day it could be you. And you will never be as cool as 'the Edge'.

Norwwod Rating : 6


In the 1980s Bono had a lustrous mane of often mulletted hair, as was then the fashion.

Sometime in the 90s it started receding a bit, and diffuse thinning too.

Hairloss of this type can be covered up quite well with a concealer such as Toppik or DermMatch.

He seems to have been a regular user of black hair dye too, which can accentuate hairloss when the natural coloured roots grow through.

As one of the most famous people in the world, it has been interesting to see Bono's reaction to his hairloss.

Rather than embrace it, it appears he felt it necessary to cover it up, which he has done with reasonable success up to now.

In an interview for Q magazine back in 2002, Chris Martin of Coldplay claimed that Bono had a hair transplant.

It doesn't look like he'll be able to cover up his hairloss for much longer unless he employs a hair piece of some sort.

Bono's hair is the subject of much discussion on U2 internet forums, and there is a Facebook group and website dedicated to his baldness.

Norwood Rating : difficult, but I'd go for a diffuse 3

Matt Damon

39 year old Matt Damon isn't really balding, some slight temple recession and thinning at the front maybe but nothing unusual for a man of his age.

For his role recently in The Informant, he gained a load of weight and donned some sort of bald wig.

A terrifying look at things to come for Mr. Damon.

Norwood Rating : 2

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

John Terry

Disgraced England soccer captain John Terry looks like he's been balding for years.

In his younger days he tried out a skinhead but unsurprisingly looked like a thug.

On closer inspection though, his hair has barely changed over the past 10 years.

A bit more recession maybe, but this has progressed very slowly.

While his unusual hairline may look like it has been subject to a hair transplant, this is unlikely given the nature of his job and lack of post operation recovery time available to him.

When he is not bringing disgrace to the England team with his off field antics, he can often be found disgracing himself by crying on the pitch.

If he were to grow his hair out, here's what he could look like, thanks to lookalike transsexual Lucy Smith.

Norwood Rating : 2