Thursday 30 September 2010

Borislav and Nikolay Mikhailov

While watching the Tottenham vs FC Twente Champions League game last night, Twente's balding young goalkeeper Nikolay Mikhailov caught my eye.

I recognised the surname and it turns out his father is former Bulgarian national goalkeeper Borislav 'Bobby' Mikhailov, who famously sported a blatant wig.

I think he may have been connected to the hairpiece company in some way, maybe as owner. He's still wearing to this day.

After a strong showing at the USA 1994 World Cup, he signed for Reading, in the second tier of English football, after mistakenly thinking they played at Wembley stadium.

Anyway his son, despite letting in 4 goals, looked a fairly promising goalie and even saved a penalty from Rafael Van Der Vaart.

Norwood Ratings : 6 (father) 3 (son)


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