Thursday 20 May 2010

Paul Terry

This is the older brother of Chelsea captain John Terry. He currently plays for Rushden and Diamonds Football Club.

It seems that as well as the strong baldness trait running through the family, there is also a strong scumbag trait too. Paul, like brother John, has allegedly been having an affair with the girlfriend of a team mate, goalkeeper Dale Roberts.

The father of the wronged team mate said "Paul is just like his brother John in my eyes. Dale has been with Lindsey since school. They say every family has a black sheep – the Terrys must have a flock."

Interestingly Paul's father, drug-dealing wideboy Ted Terry, has more hair than him. The family's morality aside, being balder than your father must be hard to deal with, and I can imagine it could lead to a few awkward moments around the dinner table.

Norwood Rating : 5



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