Thursday, 3 March 2011

Albert Hammond Junior

After an absence of nearly 5 years, The Strokes recently released their fourth album 'Angles'.

I was glancing at the magazine rack in the supermarket and noticed that they were on the cover of a music magazine, with a seemingly new, bald, member. Intrigued, I took a closer look and with horror realized that this person was none other than guitarist Albert Hammond Junior, who previously boasted an almost afro like mass of dark curly hair.

I am not the only one in shock at this, as there is a facebook group mourning the loss of his hair.

Looking back though, the signs of slight balding have always been there, but were often disguised by the unruly style he wore.

In 2009 he made a guest appearance on 'Gossip Girl' in which he sported a proud skinhead, so I am a bit behind the times with this one.

He is suffering extreme hairline recession but there's no sign of a bald patch as of yet.

His father has been a hugely successful singer songwriter since the 60s. A quick look and it appears he still has an amazing head of hair at the age of 66, assuming it is real of course.

It must be highly distressing when both your bandmates as well as your own father all have more hair than you, and I wouldn't be surprised if it played a part in Albert's spiralling descent into drug use and subsequent stint in rehab.

Norwood Rating : 3a


  1. In newer pics, it's worse and really gray. Wiki'd him to see how old he was and was shocked he's only in his early 30s! It's saddening how old it makes him look, and I have to agree I think it's drug related. His hair and face aged at an unreal rate in a decade.