Thursday, 4 March 2010

Nick Cave

The legendary Australian singer had an awesome nest of hair in the 80s.

As he got older his hair settled down a bit into a long swept back style. He has said that he has died his hair black since he was a teenager, and will continue doing so "until he dies".

Once in his late 30s it started to get thinner, but as he seems to have started off with more hair than most people this wasn't really noticeable for a long time. He always had this sort of notch in the front of his hairline, like an inverse widows peak, which got bigger as he approached middle age.

There was a period in 2003 when he had unusually short hair for a while - I thought at the time that he may have been trying to hide the balding.

Now his hair is noticeably balding he has embraced it fully, and it suits his image very well. If the average man on the street tried to pull off this look, he'd probably be ridiculed and it says a lot about Cave's coolness that he is able to get away with it.

Mojo magazine featured him on the front cover last year, with a ridiculously retouched picture that is similar to the Prince William Hello cover.

I don't know why these magazines insist on doing this, they're not impressing anyone and are going against the Press Complaints Commision code on unrealistic images.

Now he has got rid of the moustache, he reminds me of a younger Angus Scrimm, the Tall Man from the Phantasm films. Incidentally he is roughly the same age as Scrimm was when he starred in the first Phantasm film.

Anyone with an interest in Nick Cave should have a look at They even have dancing Nick .gifs there.

Norwood Rating : 4


  1. (Andrea from here) OMG...HAHA. AWESOME! And when that Mojo cover came out, I laughed...I mean, who are they kidding? Haha.

  2. Hello again! I often wonder what Nick thought of that Mojo cover. I bet he chose to go MORE bald through sheer defiance after seeing it.

  3. I saw him last summer and he had more hair than he had in years. PLUGS. Not that I hold it against him. He was in rare form. Very virile and aggressive. Yum.

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