Saturday 31 July 2010

Phil Collins

Phil Collins is a former child actor who later became a successful MOR musician.

Back in the 80s Collins cultivated something of an 'everyman' image. Many men approaching middle age could relate to his songs about divorce, his love of drums, and of course his rapidly receding hairline.

As he progressed further along the norwood scale, his success as both a solo artist and as drummer/vocalist with Genesis increased, reaching a peak at around a norwood 5.

When he had no more hair to lose, his commercial success gradually petered out. He eventually withdrew to his chateau in Switzerland, an extremely wealthy but mentally broken man.

He has since become obsessed with the battle of the Alamo, and owns over 1000 pieces of related memorabilia. His tragic descent into madness now seems complete.

Norwood Rating : 6


  1. yeah, but more than his general cuntishness, he is a shit fucken musician and an all-round cnut

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