Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Justin Hawkins

The former lead singer and guitarist of The Darkness, now with Hot Leg, is somewhat unusual in the world of balding rockers.

He has spoken openly about his battle with baldness and has even written a song about it. "This one is definitely based on personal experience - my dad went bald, my granddad went bald - I'm f**ked."

The song, simply entitled 'Bald', featured on The Darkness' second album and a live version can be seen below. It contains the line "well tonight thank God it's him instead of me" in a cheeky nod to the balding Bono.

Hawkins appears to have done his research on solutions to hair loss and looks to have at least maintained his hair since 2003. I suspect he is probably on propecia, and the Sun newspaper speculated on some sort of weaving procedure.

Shots like this do make you wonder exactly what he has done, and it looks like he breaks out the wigs and extensions for those extra special occasions.

Norwood Rating : 2