Monday 25 January 2010

About the Hamilton-Norwood scale

The Hamilton-Norwood scale is a way of measuring male pattern baldness. It was introduced by Dr. James Hamilton in the 1950s and later revised and updated by Dr. O'Tar Norwood in the 1970s.

There are 2 main types of balding, anterior (front) and vertex (back), as this alternate view of the Norwood scale shows a bit more clearly.

Stages on the scale are often abbreviated to nw1, nw2, nw3a etc. Another slight variation on the scale is shown below.

Baldness in women takes a different pattern, and is measured on the Ludwig Scale.

I intend to give each of my postings a rating on the Norwood scale, but remember that this is only personal opinion and sometimes I may get it wrong. The Norwood scale is a less than perfect way of measuring baldness, but it is the best and most widely recognised way we have.
An alternative look at the Norwood Scale can be found at


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