Thursday 4 February 2010


In the 1980s Bono had a lustrous mane of often mulletted hair, as was then the fashion.

Sometime in the 90s it started receding a bit, and diffuse thinning too.

Hairloss of this type can be covered up quite well with a concealer such as Toppik or DermMatch.

He seems to have been a regular user of black hair dye too, which can accentuate hairloss when the natural coloured roots grow through.

As one of the most famous people in the world, it has been interesting to see Bono's reaction to his hairloss.

Rather than embrace it, it appears he felt it necessary to cover it up, which he has done with reasonable success up to now.

In an interview for Q magazine back in 2002, Chris Martin of Coldplay claimed that Bono had a hair transplant.

It doesn't look like he'll be able to cover up his hairloss for much longer unless he employs a hair piece of some sort.

Bono's hair is the subject of much discussion on U2 internet forums, and there is a Facebook group and website dedicated to his baldness.

Norwood Rating : difficult, but I'd go for a diffuse 3


  1. This one came as a shock to me. I remember his hair looked a little thin at the end of the Zooropa tour but I just assumed it was light roots, having dyed my hair jet-black for years I know that problem very well.
    Now I understand why he have kept cutting it, maybe if he stopped dying it it would look decent long (I hate that short thug look). Seems like he has gone natural before judging by those rare ginger pics of him.
    In this year's pictures of him his hair looks thick again, wonder what he's doing with it.

  2. I think he has transplants, and thats great, why not? If I had the money and was in the worlds biggest band, id do it too. But, I think he would look great bald.

  3. At least he has a good head shape, those shades and bald head made him look like an alien. From my shallow point of view only Jean-Luc Picard can get away with the bald look. I'm glad that he's vain enough to fight it, why give up and let yourself go?

  4. Bono was balding pretty bad by the time of passengers and the maligned pop album. Guess dying your hair all those years can't help. Then by 04 he had unnaturally long hair again.

  5. Incredible. Really i didn't know.

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