Friday, 14 January 2011

Caleb Followill

This bloke is the lead singer of the increasingly MOR Kings of Leon. By sheer coincidence today is his 29th birthday. What better way is there to celebrate than by having a post dedicated to you on a balding website?

I don't know what it is about whiny voiced singers with indie bands and baldness problems but he is the latest in a long distinguished line of them.

He used to have a great albeit slightly sinister hairstyle, which made him look like a remedial sex offender from the 1970s. In my ideal world, every man would have hair similar to this.

He recently told an interviewer "I'm already going bald and you're making me go balder!"

Although it's not too bad at the moment sooner or later his hair is going to look like a desperate combover.

A few of their songs have mentioned baldness. 'Milk' from their second album contains the lyrics "She saw my combover, her hourglass body". On "The Bucket", from the same album he sings "18, Balding, Star". This song was written about his brother Jared experiencing fame at an early age. Jared is less balding than Caleb so I'm not sure what point he was trying to make.

They may have other songs that mention baldness but I don't really want to have to listen to any more of their music to find out, sorry.

Norwood Rating : 2.5


  1. 'You talkin' bout my baby, I could flip you upside down and I could mop this place!'

    Caleb's sexy as hell!!

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  3. Actually it's 18, balding, hard.

    Sounds like someone is jealous of his sucess and sex appeal. Nothing is Middle of the road about their music, listen to tracks like Four Kicks or Spiral staircase. Point proven! a

    Besides there's nothing wrong with balding. Some of the hottest male actors and musicians haven't got hair, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis. He's in good company!

  4. While researching his baldness I was impressed that many of his admirers still find him attractive in spite of it. I suspect you would still prefer him with his old hair though.

    Katharina, most lyrics sites say you are wrong. Also, the songs you listed are from their first 2 albums. Even their most ardent fans agree that their sound has become more commercial since then, hence the phrase 'increasingly MOR'.
    The jealousy argument is fairly poor and lazy, usually used by defensive fans when their idol is criticised in some way.
    But you are right that there is nothing wrong with balding, except of course the misery, despair, and drastic, uncontrollable change of image it causes.

  5. Bald is hot. Vulnerability is sexy. So, bald guys....just be sexy.

  6. There's nothing hot about bald, or receding. It's disgusting and weak. And yes I am definitely balding :( God gave me clown hair. LOL

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