Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Edge

Another member of U2 who has had problems with hair loss, seen below in his younger days, second from right.

He started losing hair at quite a young age.

For many years he hid the hair loss under a variety of hats, while still appearing to keep his hair long underneath.

Some time in the 90s he eventually cut his hair short, but the hats remained. Here he is with the rest of U2 in 1997.

Seen here without his trademark hat, the very straight hairline pattern at the top seems to show signs of a transplant. It is possible that he was unhappy with the results and became a hat wearer to hide scarring rather than the hair loss itself.

He seems to have embraced his balding now that he is older. But his years of being a virtual 'hat prisoner' show that balding is a very serious matter to some men and it can significantly affect their lifestyle.

So think carefully next time you insult a bald man. One day it could be you. And you will never be as cool as 'the Edge'.

Norwwod Rating : 6



  2. when i see edge in a cap that's all i can see because if it were i i'd be miserable, especially in summer.