Friday, 12 February 2010

Gianfranco Zola

The diminutive West Ham boss has blamed his hair loss on the stress of football management.

While stress can cause telogen effluvium or alopecia areata, Zola's balding type appears to indicate androgenic alopecia, otherwise known as male pattern baldness. This occurs mostly due to genetics rather than stress.

A far cry from the days when he appeared as a fresh faced youth in Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" video.

Norwood Rating : 4a


  1. Well, depending on wether his top is thinning or not he would be a Norwood 5 if the top is thin too.
    And about the lower image... Wtf? lol
    When did he participat to such a video? He looks so strange.

  2. He's balded even more since I wrote this, and yes he probably is a 5 by now.
    Always nice to meet another norwood spotter such as yourself by the way.

  3. As I thought, he was not him, in that video? He looks different than even the young zola, type of hair and eyes, but yeah, he's similar.
    He also confirmed he wasn't him here
    I can't see reason of lying about this or a conspiracy ;). Joking
    Looks like he has undergone a transplant, some sustained the idea of a sparse haired wig even after seeing the still relatively thin hair on his temple.
    But the vertex showing, definitely say transplant.
    Unless it was really a telogen temporary effluvium, but usually it doesn't result in norwood patterns.

  4. Yes Anto, it is unfortunately an urban myth (dating back to the 90s) that he appears in the video. Someone cited this page on wikipedia as evidence, and not wanting to shatter anyone's dreams, I let it remain. It is great that someone asked him about it though, even if it does destroy the legend.
    As for his hair now, I agree that it must be a transplant with the vertex still showing loss.

    1. Ha ha, a wikipedia cited a satyrical blog for evidence of a myth? The new testament of its seriousness as a soure, reference and encyclopedia :), lol.
      Clearly there are serious voices there, but depending on the single redactors and their seriousness.
      Back to Zola, some hypothized a reversible stress alopecia on him, but this is for "prophans" :), from what I know, stress alopecia hardly results in norwood patterns, and maybe not even diffuse thinning with spared "horseshoe". Stress alopecia might lead to diffuse thinning but can't have horseshoes typical of mpb! Correct me if I'm wrong.
      Though it could be that he some how recovered with topicals and/or medicals, this looks very natural for being a transplant, better than even jotronic of the best transplants shown in youtube if not for the density, for the natural general feeling.
      Only the 10000+ graft guy can rival his density, but has not the same natural feeling.
      At the same time it can't be a a piece.
      Though maybe mpb on males can be related to stress in that galea-tightening-on-skull baldness theory.