Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Christopher Lee

I have to admit this one shocked me a little bit. Having grown up watching his films, for some reason I had never considered that what I was seeing was not his real hair.

Then I remembered him in The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes where he appeared quite bald looking.

In hindsight it is obvious he has been a wig wearer for much of his career.

My childhood memories have been shattered.

Norwood Rating : probably a 7 by now


  1. I agree since Sir Christopher lee and Peter Cushing has passed on i am still upset, to me they are great actors.sadly missed i cried heavily. there will never be any good actors as good as them until we meet again Christopher and Peter my dearest friends,

  2. Whatever films Sir Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing are in you know u will get a awesome film and great performances, these are the best actors in the cinema world.