Thursday 14 January 2010

John Travolta

Another man with a natural widows peak hairline, as seen here in his younger days.

Since returning to the limelight in the 90s Travolta has sported a variety of hairstyles as bizarre as his religious beliefs.

His hair system, or 'wig' as they are more commonly known, was famously exposed at a public appearance in 2007.

In the zoomed in view below, you can see the mesh where the hair is attached.

Dr. Rassman's Balding Blog has more information on Travolta's hairpiece.

A true WTF moment was captured at another public appearance, in which his hair appeared to have been sprayed on.

Since then he has been photographed with what appears to be his natural hair. In our opinion this is a vast improvement, and leads us to wonder why he bothered with the hassle of a hairpiece for so long.

And his shaved head look for a recent role proved a popular look with his fans, prompting him to claim "I might just go bald and bearded full-time from now on."

Norwood Rating : 3


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