Friday 15 January 2010

David Beckham

The LA Galaxy and AC Milan soccer star has always been known for his varied and trend setting hairstyles.

Since the photos below were taken in 2007 there has been talk of him balding.

While it may look that way, other factors often play a part. Hair length, condition (dirty, dry, wet etc) and of course lighting can conspire to paint a vulgar picture.

Here he is a year later, with no signs of hairloss.

And again another bad picture from 2008.

Back to now, he is seen with a ridiculously thick head of hair in 2009.

Our view is that he may have had slightly thinning hair, but has taken steps to prevent it getting worse and is taking a finasteride substance like Propecia. Maybe he could lend some to his skeletal wife?

(disclaimer:do not take Propecia if you are a woman! It will not work and can harm your baby if pregnant)

Norwood Rating : 1-2 diffuse


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