Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Ryan Giggs

Another Manchester United player who has slowly been balding. As a young man he was famed for his thick black wavy hair.

Baldness seemed to catch up with him in his late 20s, starting with slight recession at the temples.

Soon after
, the dreaded bald patch on the crown started to appear. Photos are fairly hard to come by, but the patch was unmissable when watching him play on television.

However, in recent times the bald patch seems to have made a retreat. It is certainly less noticeable than 3 years ago, when it was at it's worst. A concealer seems unlikely, given the rain and sweat a professional sportsman has to cope with, so maybe he is on some sort of medication.

Anyway, from the front at least, his hair looks pretty good for a 36 year old.

Norwood Rating : 2-3v


  1. Just found your site,
    Ive always watched peoples baldness too!
    Nice one, will be having a gander every now and then ,
    Im in Japan and they are well obsessed over here with it.
    Wigs everywhere!

  2. Hi Elbow and thanks! It is interesting to see other cultures attitudes to baldness. There is a theory that hair loss became more common in Japan after ww2 due to westernisation of the diet.