Thursday 14 January 2010

Michael Chiklis

The star of The Shield is one of those few white men who arguably look better with a completely shaven head.

He claims to have lost his hair at the age of 20, due to an acting role. He was playing a 65 year old, and so shaved the top of his head to depict male pattern baldness.

“Instead of being smart and using powder on my head I used greasepaint like I did on my face and didn’t remove it properly,” Chiklis recalls. “It essentially killed the follicles on my head."

However, this is highly unlikely and a more plausible explanation is that he was merely suffering the early onset of male pattern baldness himself. When it strikes someone at such a young age, it is only natural to be in denial and look for other reasons for the hairloss.

He eventually came to terms with it, saying “I have no regrets because it shaped my career.”

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