Saturday, 16 January 2010

Chris Martin from Coldplay

Back in 2004 Martin was complaining that he was going bald. As the pic below shows , he was quite right to worry.

During the next few years his hair seemed to get a new lease of life, and he took to growing it out in a longer style.

His hair, while still showing minor signs of balding, certainly didn't get any worse. Some suspect a hair transplant.

Our guess is that he discovered finasteride which stabilised his hairloss, and gave him the confidence to mess around with his hair again.

Now his hair is shorter again, you be the judge.

Norwood Rating : 2-3


  1. is this a joke

  2. He's clearly had hair transplants. Men in their 30s don't wind up with more hair 10 yrs later without a lot of help. Take a look at his 2003 vs. 2013 pictures. Not even debatable.

  3. Seems like, judging by the then recent short haired picture, that he just had a high forehead with slow recession, but could always have had healthy hair on top. He could have maintained or improved it with a working treatment, possibly. All these people should tell what di they do, but seems quite natural to be a transplant and transplant often focus on get rid of recessions above norwood 2 for a framing look.

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