Tuesday, 19 January 2010


The former Smiths frontman has seemingly been receding since the 80s. In spite of this, he has always managed to sport an astounding quiff.

By the time of Your Arsenal in 1992 the receding was getting more obvious.

It continued at a slow but steady pace throughout the next few years, as you'd expect. Looking suave for Southpaw Grammar in 1995.

The Maladjusted era appeared to signal the death of the quiff.

Below, a still from the Alma Matters video, 1997.

And a photo shoot from around the same time.

The next few years saw Morrissey withdraw from the public eye. When he returned in 2004, he brought an old friend with him. Against all odds, the quiff had returned.

Looking fuller than it had done a decade previously, we have to wonder what Morrissey did to restore it's glory. Here he is in 2009, aged 50.

Whether it's a transplant, wig, medications or merely clever styling, only Morrissey himself knows for sure.

Maybe his balding simply stopped in 1997?

Norwood Rating : 3


  1. I don't get it. This is just a series of pictures showing Morrissey with exactly the same hairline. The only difference is how long he has decided to grow the quiff.
    How is that balding? It's not even thinning.

  2. Hello quiffa. Maybe the pictures I chose from the 90s don't illustrate his recession well enough, but it was definitely getting progressively worse until 1997. The fact that it has barely changed in the 13 years since then is what is strange - it is very unusual for male pattern baldness, once started, to simply stop in this way.

  3. That's not male pattern baldness. Morrissey's hairline has been shaped like that since he... Well, forever. His entire life.

  4. I wouldn't say he is balding. I'd go for natural thinning, with age. It happens to many men that way.

  5. I think it's just a matter of styling. His hair definitely isn't as thick as it was in 1984, but that comes with age for most men. Proof that he does not wear a wig can be found in the documentary The Importance of Being Morrissey. At one point in the documentary, he goes to a barber-salon and gets a haircut.

  6. Ah yes, I remember that scene, I will give it another look when I find another copy.

  7. This is a bold statement: I think Morrissey just regrew his hair. Matter of will and a higher power!

  8. It's not so unusual for non balding men to stop at a thick norwood 3 with full vertex. These not true balding men have in common a linear neat receding of hairline, never leaving fuzzy boundaries, typical sign of a true baldness.
    I bet we can list him on the stabilized. And the "receding" of 80's is just a norwood 1.5. Woody allen is a more strange case, he settled in a norwood 3 hairline "islanded" with a norwood 6 crown! And he's still this way.

  9. Yes it's the old 'is it a mature hairline or male pattern baldness' argument. Morrissey is a great example of this. Some people, I think probably the minority, are of the opinion that a mature hairline is male pattern baldness, just a very slow form. Others believe that the hairline can stabilise after receding in this way.

  10. I have a hunch he may just be using toppik, or a similar concealer. All it takes is a few sprinkles, good hairspray, and like you said earlier, clever styling.

  11. Yes, Woody Allen has always been a puzzle & British actor Dennis Waterman even more so - he seemed to lose a ton of hair in his 20's but then just stopped. Whereas some people are just born with absurdly high hairlines e.g. Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame.

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