Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Phil Spector

It difficult to pinpoint just exactly when flawed genius Phil Spector's wig wearing began. This photo of him aged 18 years shows no sign of balding.

A few years later in the mid 60s, and some signs of recession are appearing, or is this an early hairpiece?

Due to the wig like nature of many 1960s hairstyles it can be difficult at times to spot what is real and what is not. By the mid to late 60's however, it is highly likely he was a regular toupee wearer.

According to biographer Dave Thompson however, Spector started wearing hairpieces in the 70s after a serious car crash in which his head injuries needed 700 stitches.

His recent murder trial showcased some spectacular wigs. He was eventually found guilty of second degree murder and sentenced to at least 19 years in prison.

But due to California State prison policy he is forced to serve his sentence bare-headed.

Norwood Rating : 6


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