Wednesday 13 January 2010

Matthew McConaughey

Often the subject of heated debate in the hairloss world, just what exactly did Matthew McConaughey do to his hair?

The infamous mugshot from 1999 clearly shows him receding and thinning at the front.

10 years later, he appears to have a lot more hair. What could have caused this reverse balding?

McConaughey himself attributed his hair regrowth to a product called Regenix on the David Letterman show a few years back.

Those on the hairloss forums are not convinced, with a hair transplant or even a hairpiece given as more likely explanations.

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  1. He massaged his scalp with that stuff he talked about on the Letterman show, The Massaging of the scalp is what stopped his hair loss, and stopping hair loss is the first step to growing it back., check it, I bought the guys information, and figured it out, Hair needs blood to grow, and wouldn't you know it!?

    ALL the people who are going bald or have gone bald, have really TIGHT and little to no forehead wrinkles! That's because they are diverting their blood flow to some other part of there body, via too much sexual intercourse, or masturbation. And I'd also like to point out that Stress, and hypersensitivity will cause blood diversion.

    I stopped my hairloss, ( Thank God )
    Massage your scalps people, and find out what's causing your blood to divert from your scalp and stop doing it, asap!

    Ever read the story of how Cain got his mark?
    He killed Able, and having done that he stressed like hell, he didn't know how too deal with it!

    The widows peak is the mark of the beast people, believe it.

    Dark Who|e

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. If the rate of balding were directly proportional to the rate of sex and/or masturbation, I'd choose to go bald.

  2. I'm going to leave your comment as it is a bit more substantial than the usual spam post and contains a couple of interesting views.
    However I would strongly advise any readers to NEVER pay for 'information' that claims to cure hair loss - THERE IS NO CURE.
    I have heard anecdotal claims that increasing blood flow to the scalp can help with hair loss, and scalp exercises are often used in conjunction with hair transplant surgery, but this is mainly to improve scalp laxity.
    In my opinion saying that 'massaging the scalp' is capable of reversing hair loss is as ridiculous as saying that masturbation causes it..

  3. Have you heard weather or not Regenix is legit and works?

    It would be nice to find out how he really achieved his results! They are quite impressive!

    Also what do you think are some of the best option for stopping and reversing hair loss.



  4. Hi Dallin, I don't really know much about Regenix. I think it is some sort of topical treatment with natural ingredients. Some people have claimed to regrow hair with it, but I remain sceptical myself. I believe it could give a cosmetic 'thickening' effect though, like many shampoo treatments.
    Personally, I would always recommend starting treatment with nizoral shampoo and finasteride. Take some photos when you start. After maybe a year, see how things are going and then add minoxidil if you need an extra growth boost.
    But of course, these drugs can have side effects and don't work for everyone so be prepared for that. The hair loss forums are a good place to read real life experiences with this stuff.

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  6. Hair loss is usually a major problem for most people. Despite the fact that there won't be actual medical concerns using sacrificing your hair most individuals would rather have not really to. A natural item such as Provillus can help to offer you the whole travel of hair and prevent the embarrassment to become balding and you also understand provillus reviews that it is simple to overcome the actual internet. At this time there may be an extremely authentic impact on the caliber of your life if you undertake lose your hair. Currently being balding makes you search elderly, the item affects your own social interaction and in some cases this can also have an impact on your employment prospects. The good news is you'll find elements you're able to do in order to avoid and perhaps reverse hair loss.

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  8. The 39-year-old has also been noticed for lacking his signature hair density. But surprisingly, like other men who suffer from continuous hair thinning which ultimately leads receding hairline, Beckham did not face any such issue and is still flaunting a head full of hair. There are rumors that the English footballing prodigy has found a hair transplant expert who has helped him overcome the thinning hair problem so skillfully that you can’t even doubt Beckham going under the knife for retaining his signature hairline and hairstyles.

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